I hope that you like the photographs in these portfolios. I’ve spent a long time trying to take photographs for clients that not only fill their needs, but go further. Photographs that respect the subject and hopefully show my view. Of the world, it’s amazing people, and it’s beautiful light.

As you can see. I am as at home in a studio as I am on location. As comfortable with a big production as I am with a production staff of one. And always interested in whatever it takes to fill my clients needs. I want clients who come back. And.........I want it to be fun!

I started off my career as a photographer in New York for about 16 years or so. It was a great experience and an exciting place to be in my 20’s. I still love that city and feel completely at home there.
The desire to get back to my California roots won out however and I’ve lived in the Bay Area for last 10 years, doing a large amount of my work in the Food & Wine, Tech, and Advertising fields. I’ve worked for Magazines, Agencies & Design Firms throughout the country.
Photography has shown me the world in ways that I would have never seen it in any other job. I not only like the challenge of trying to make a great photograph every time I shoot but I also enjoy the physical act of photography. The equipment, working with subjects, collaborating with clients, etc. is a pleasure that has never lessened.